Double girder cranes

Double girder cranes

They allow to increase the lifting capacity while reducing the weight of the crane and productivity, by implementing increased speeds for moving the load, trolley, crane

About cranes

Smooth stepless speed control and load positioning accuracy due to the use of frequency converter drives in the control system.

Thanks to high-quality equipment and highly qualified personnel, we maintain minimal dimensional deviations at the largest lengths, so our cranes have excellent running characteristics. Increased lifting height, the highest hook lifting point is located between the carrier beams.

Additional options

  • Operator panel with error output and up-to-date information on the crane
  • Anti-swing system
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Weighing system with visualization
Crane lifting capacity, t from 5 to 500
Span, m (L) from 46 and more
Speeds, m/min:
Lifting load
Cargo trolley movement

from 0.1 to 30
from 20 to 60
Gantry crane operating mode, according to ISO 4301/1А5…А8
Operating mode of mechanisms, according to ISO 4301/1М3…М8
Lifting deviceHook
Traverse, magnet, grapple, etc.
Crane controlCabin
Radio control
Drive control schemeFrequency
Climatic versionU1; U2; U3
Operating temperature range, °CFrom -50 to +80
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