Cranes and equipment
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Cranes and equipment

Modern solutions, technologies and components from the best world-class manufacturers

We provide services for design

he plant has its own design department headed by a technical director and chief designer. The department employs top-class technical specialists with extensive experience in the design of lifting equipment.

The design is carried out using 3D modeling and calculation of load-bearing metal structures using the latest IT technologies.

The plant regularly fulfills orders for equipment for non-standard operating conditions, for example:

  • Having special climatic conditions (high or low temperature, humidity);
  • Designed for seismically hazardous areas, operation of equipment in a limited space, in rooms with a high dust content or chemically aggressive environment, etc.
We provide technical and service maintenance

Speckran will help you at any stage, including technical re-equipment of production, modernization to increase the functionality of lifting equipment and others.

Our own logistics division allows us to independently deal with the issues of transporting lifting equipment to the location of the Customer.