Container cranes

Container cranes

Designed for stacking and reloading of containers

About cranes

Trestle container cranes are trestle cranes that are equipped with a gripping device – a spreader that is optimal for gripping containers. Thanks to this implementation, the container trestle crane can highly efficiently perform specific container handling operations that a conventional trestle crane can not cope with.

Technical solutions Box type of steel structure is characterized by high fatigue resistance under heavy and extra heavy operating conditions. The effectiveness of this technological solution is confirmed by the world experience in creating machines of this class of U-shaped design with a lower crossbar makes it possible to carry 20-45 foot containers between crane supports without turning at the entire lifting height, which significantly reduces the work time and increases productivity

Crane lifting capacity up to 60
Span, m (L) up to 50 meters
Height of stacking of tiers of containers according to the scheme2+1; 3+1; 4+1; 5+1 or more
Speeds, m/min:

Lifting load
Trolley movements
Crane travels
Container turning

from 1 to 30
from 20 to 60
from 40 to 120
1 – 1.5 rpm
Gantry crane operating mode, according to ISO 4301/1А5…А8
Operating mode of mechanisms, according to ISO 4301/1М5…М8
Cargo trolleyReference
Container rotationOn a cargo trolley
On the spreader
Lifting deviceA) Mechanical hooked (separately for 20 ft and separately for 40 ft containers)
B) Automatic, with electric drive of gripping heads
(a frame for 40 ft containers is attached to a fixed frame 20 ft)
C) Telescopic (20 – 40 ft), electric (no hydraulics)
D) Telescopic (20 – 40 ft), electro-hydraulic
Crane controlCabin
Radio control
Hanging remote control
Drive control schemeFrequency
Current lineTrolley
Cable Drum
Operating temperature range, °CStandard -40 to +40
Possibly -50 to +60
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