Trestle cranes

Trestle cranes

Designed to perform various loading and unloading operations of any complexity and for various modes of operation, including conventional hook, clamshell, magnetic, work with containers.

About cranes

Crane drive control based on modern frequency converters provides smooth, stepless regulation of all crane movements for accurate positioning and safety of goods.

The crane moves along the rail crane runway on four running bogies. Each of the carts is driven.

The undercarriage frame is a welded box structure. The location of the drive trolleys has a sufficient margin of adhesion of the driving wheels of the crane with the rail in any mode of loading the crane and regardless of the location of the cargo trolley relative to the bridge.

Additional options

  • Operator panel with error output and up-to-date information on the crane 
  • Anti-swing system 
  • Centralized lubrication system 
  • Weighing system with visualization
Gantry crane lifting capacity, tfrom 5 to 200
Span, m (L)from 42 and more
Lifting height, m (H)6; 9; 12; 15; 18 and more
Speeds, m/min:

Lifting load from 0.1 to 30
Cargo trolley movement from 20 to 60
Crane travels from 40 to 120

from 0.1 to 30
from 20 to 60
from 40 to 120
Gantry crane operating mode, according to ISO 4301/1А2…А8
Operating mode of mechanisms, according to ISO 4301/1 М3…М8
Lifting deviceHook
Traverse, magnet, grapple
and etc.
Trestle crane controlCabin
Radio control
Drive control schemeFrequency
Climatic versionU1; U2; U3
Operating temperature range, °CFrom -50 to +50
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