About company

About company

«NPO Speckran»

Company History

As all our regular customers already know, and what we want to tell our new future customers about, «NPO Speckran» has long established itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of cranes.

In 2018, we became a full-fledged resident of the Special Economic Zone of the Kaliningrad Region and, as you know, there are certain requirements for a SEZ resident, which the plant successfully fulfills, invests in the development of production and creates new jobs.

Thanks to a combination of experience and a fresh look, over the entire period of its existence, the company has established itself not only as a conscientious manufacturer, but also as a worthy competing organization among the largest factories in the field of crane building.

The plant’s technical specialists immediately took a principled position for themselves – the use of the most modern solutions, technologies and the use of components from the best world-class manufacturers in production.

The production capacity of the enterprise is 2000 tons / year. These figures increase by 15-20% every year. In 2019, the company completely launched a new workshop, which allows it to significantly increase its production capacity.

Today LLC «NPO Speckran»

Successfully designs and manufactures at its own production facilities:

— bridge cranes with lifting capacity up to 500 tons;
— trestle cranes with lifting capacity up to 250 tons;
— container cranes;
— bridge cranes, single girder underhung and support;
— light crane systems.

We fulfill all the wishes of the Customers at all stages – from design, manufacture and installation, to post-warranty service and training of the Customer’s technical personnel.

Production capacity of the enterprise

«NPO Speckran» is one of the few factories in Russia that has all the necessary tools for manufacturing the entire product line. This is the “know-how”, the intellectual resources of the enterprise, the necessary production facilities and the most modern equipment for performing preparatory operations in order to obtain blanks, welding, installation and assembly work, areas for finishing, installation of internal equipment, priming and painting, as separate elements, and prefabricated structures of units and parts of cranes. The production of LLC «NPO Speckran» is located in Svetly, Kaliningrad region.

  • ISO 9001-2015
  • The year 2019
The certified quality system actually used by the company allows timely detection and elimination of errors in the manufacture of the entire product line. We have fully launched a new workshop, which will allow us to further increase our production capacity.
  • 2000 tons/year
  • 74 700 m²
The production capacity of the enterprise.
(these figures increase by 15-20% every year)
 Total area of industrial premises
Own logistics division

Given the location of production in the Kaliningrad region, the presence of Baltiysk seaport 30 km from the plant is of great importance when delivering goods of various sizes. Through the seaport of Baltiysk, the main part of the transportation of “oversize” to the territory of the Russian Federation and its further delivery to the “doors” of the Customer is carried out. Transportation on the ferry Baltiysk – Ust-Luga allows you to avoid the transportation of goods through Lithuania and reduce the cost of delivery.

Geography of deliveries

The production capacity of the company is growing every year, and the geography of deliveries of the Speckran plant is also expanding.

At the beginning of its journey, our main Customers for lifting equipment were Kaliningrad companies and enterprises. But time goes on, we do not stand still, and at present, Speckran has expanded its horizons in terms of the sales market so much that now it goes not only beyond the country, but also beyond the continent!

The geography of deliveries covers the entire European part of Russia, the south of Siberia, stretches to the very east of our vast Motherland – to Sakhalin Island. Not resting on its laurels, the enterprise has established relationships with enterprises from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, the Republic of Guatemala, Ecuador and the Republic of Cuba.

Speckran has extensive experience in participating

for the manufacture and supply of lifting equipment, where the subject of the tender is the equipment of entire enterprises, industrial complexes, stations, etc.

During its existence, the company has participated in major projects for the supply of lifting equipment.

Our main wealth is a team of highly qualified specialists

Key employees of the main production, quality control department, designers, managers and heads of departments have more than 15 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, supplying and selling the most modern equipment.

Undying interest in the work of the entire team allows you to discover new knowledge, and accurately and competently performed work of each individual employee at a certain stage of the project implementation makes the final result impeccable.

The professionalism and coherence of the work of the team for the benefit of each specific Customer is the key to our common success on the way to the goal!