Excursion around the plant for students of school No. 5 in Svetly.

Excursion around the plant for students of school No. 5 in Svetly.

On May 13, an excursion to the NPO Speckran enterprise took place, organized by the teachers of MBOU secondary school No. 5 together with the leaders of the Profnavigator and Sokol clubs.

The head of the personnel department, Gavrilyuk Tatyana Vladimirovna, conducted a safety briefing and gave the children helmets. And the technical director, Yudanov Roman Viktorovich, conducted a fascinating tour of the production, during which he told the guys about the complex technical process of creating cranes.

“As long as the sea exists on earth,” Roman Viktorovich said, “there will be work for sailors, as long as gravity exists, there will be work to manufacture cranes!”

The teenagers were shown the stages of the technological process of manufacturing various parts of cranes.

Today “Speckran” is a major supplier of cranes abroad. Therefore, the enterprise is known about Svetlovsky not only in Russia, but in the countries of Europe and America.

Such excursions help the children with the choice of a profession and introduce them directly to the work that they will have to do in the future.
Meeting interesting people, such as Yudanov Roman Viktorovich, gives children motivation for learning and self-development.

At the end of the tour, the guys asked a lot of questions, wondered where they could go to study in order to connect their professional life with Speckran in the future.